Thirteen enthusiastic young anglers turned up to fish for flounders on the Solway estuary at Carsethorn along with their parents. The back drop was stunning and the weather was good. Debbie Parke from the Nith Catchment Fishery Trust introduced everyone to the venue along with Jim and Davey also from the Trust and Roger, Clive, Derek and Glyn from Borderlines.

After the health and safety talk the group were then split in to three smaller groups, making rigs, bait digging and casting.

These days are also great bonding opportunities for parents and children, doing something together in the outdoors that cost nothing but burning a few calories digging bait.

The bait digging for lug worm was a great success, identifying where the lug were by the holes and casts in the sand and digging in the right place.

It was not long until they had enough bait to last the session.

By lunch time the tide was on the flood, there was some very good and accurate casting with the four ounce leads.

Almost high tide but no bites yet!

Finlay strikes and saves the day again with a very nice flounder!

A very enjoyable day out in the fresh air with many of the parents getting involved and seeing the possibilities of what is on the door step in the area.