21st June, 2016.

On Tuesday 27 youngsters from Greystoke School joined Borderlines instructors at Whins Pond for a spot of coarse fishing.


The final session of a series of seven sessions, that has seen the children take part in four classroom based learning about water, plants, freshwater invertebrates and fish, the history of angling and its contribution to the local economy as well as three field trips dipping for invertebrates, trout fishing and coarse fishing.


As well as seeing perch caught the youngsters also caught eels at Whins Pond. A big thank you to Mrs. Siddle at Whins Pond for allowing the session to take place.


I have also heard that the day after the Whins Pond trip a mum had been in school laughing as her daughter had arrived home with a pocket full of maggots from the fishing trip; she wanted to feed her goldfish! I’m glad Mum had a sense of humour.