May, 2015.

“The Fishing for the Future project”

Over the last few weeks Borderlines have been working very closely with the Nith Catchment Fishery Trust introducing young people to angling by delivering Angling History and casting sessions in schools and fishing sessions on both lochs and the river Nith itself as part of the trust’s

“The  Fishing for the  Future  project”.

A two  year  project  to  introduce  young  people  to  fishing and  the  aquatic environment. Thus raising  awareness  of  aquatic  environment, giving young people a better understanding of freshwater and  marine  environments  and  of  commercial  and recreational  fisheries.
As well as raising such  issues such as  sustainability, angling tourism and economic impacts and teaching youngsters how to fish with rod and line.

Cargenbridge Lincluden Primary School.





St Teressa’s Primary School.

St Teressas 18.05.15 002

St Teressas 18.05.15 003

Brownhall Primary School.

Brownhall Primary School 19.05.15 002

Maxwell town High School.

Wigton YS and Maxwelltown High School 20.05.15 005

Wigton YS and Maxwelltown High School 20.05.15 007

Sanqhuar Primary School.

Sanqhuar Primary School 21.05.15 006Sanqhuar Primary School 21.05.15 001

Wallace Hall Academy.

Wallace Hall Academy 22.05.15 002Fish on!

Thornhill Scouts.

Thornhill Scouts 23.05.15 003Thornhill Scouts 23.05.15 002Thornhill Scouts 23.05.15 00112345678109Happy Day’s!