October 30th 2014

 The river Eden at Warwick Hall was the venue for a turnout of eight today to try their hand at grayling fishing, for most of the group it would be their very first time.

Youth Station Warwick Hall 30.10.14 026 (2)

All carried their own tackle down to the river along with Tracey and Angela.


The young people from the Wigton Youth Station about to tackle up.

The river was swollen and carrying some debris and colour, not easy conditions, but never impossible.


 Hopefully the first of many future fishing trips in the making.

Youth Station Warwick Hall 30.10.14 030 (2)

With the mild weather at around 18 oC it did not feel very Autumnal.

Youth Station Warwick Hall 30.10.14 029 (2)

Nevertheless all the preparation during those Thursday evening sessions at the Youth Station paid off and grayling were caught with fish to 1lb 8oz being landed on maggot and swim feeder tactics.

Youth Station Warwick Hall 30.10.14 028 (2)

One or two nice out of season brown trout were also landed and carefully returned.


A very big thank you for the use of the water at Warwick Hall today courtesy of Nick Mariner who has been a great supporter over the years to Borderlines.