Grayling day on the river Nith 18th February – Nith day.





This was the first part of twelve of the Nith Catchment Fishery Trust programme to get young people into angling of all disciplines in and around the Nith catchment area. It is called the Nith Young Anglers Club, it is free, so no excuse! See more – river-nith.com/nith-young-anglers-club.

Greystoke School March 21st Greystoke





Drum loch fly fishing day 25th MarchDrum Loch





Dock Park in Dumfries fun activity day 4th AprilDock Park Day





Flounder fishing day 15th AprilOn the Solway





Greystoke school, fishing and casting day April 24thGreystoke Castle





Coarse fishing day, May 13th –  Dunscore Worms Fishery


Fly fishing day, June 6th Georgetown Primary





Fly fishing day at Drum Loch, June 13th – St Michael’s





Fly fishing day at Drum Loch, June 14th Dunscore





Tench fishing day at Morton Loch, June 17thNith Young Anglers Club





Sea trout fishing day, river Nith, July 19thNith Young Anglers Club





River Eden youth day with Penrith Anglers, July 23rd – Borderlines





Nith Young Anglers Club, August 26th – Drum Loch





Nith Young Anglers Club, October 18th – Slatehouse Loch