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Angling and all it’s related subjects is both wide and diverse, there is something either indoors or outdoors that will be of interest and benefit to many people of any background and ability.


A great day out with the ladies – Macmillan

A Well-being article

“Calling fishing a hobby is like calling brain surgery a job” Paul Schullery.We at Borderlines would have to agree with Paul Schullery the author, naturalist, environmental protection specialist and former director of The American Museum of Fly Fishing, in Vermont, USA.For we believe that fishing is much, much more than just a hobby. Participation in angling has so many positive benefits to offer so many different groups of people of all ages and abilities.In October 2009 Dr. Natalie Djohari of Substance; an experienced social research company working in the youth, sport and activities sector joined Borderlines on the shores of the Solway Firth during a fishing session with Young Offenders. To read more about the session follow this link

Dr. Natalie and her colleagues at Substance help projects and organisations delivering personal, community and social development to improve and demonstrate impact and value and to this end they have produced a series of research reports to make them accessible enough for schools, youth services, and other potential clients of angling programme’s to understand the benefits of angling engagement work. They hope that the reports will also prove useful in terms of independent evidence that you can use to support your future funding bids. For the young people’s section of the research they have put together 3 short reports on:

The Well being benefits of angling
Maximising the benefits of Angling
The added value of intervention programme’s

To view these reports follow this link