Monaive School fly fishing trip, May 8th.

Some days it is all too easy while other days it is impossible to catch fish. Fortunately for Monaive School in Dumfries it was the former!

It was a combined day of tuition with the Nith Catchment Trust and Borderlines hosted at Slatehouse Loch at Drumlanrigg.

A taste of what was to come.

First it was the health and safety talk and a little about the fish.

After some fly casting practice and competition of which everyone did really well, it was then on to the water.

 The target competition was awsome.

Some nice shape loops being cast!

A good rainbow trout, a first ever fish, not a bad start!Another..

…..and another, they just kept on coming with everyone managing to catch.

This was followed by a demonstration on how to clean and cook a fish. A fantastic day out and a big thank you to Scott of Buccleuch Estate!