Nith Young Anglers Club, Slatehouse Loch, October 18th.

It was the day after hurricane Ophilia had passed through leaving behind an unexpected mild and sunny day, it was just nice to be outdoors after the previous awful weather.

Ten attendees of the Nith Young Anglers Club turned along up with parents for a day fishing for rainbow trout on the secluded loch.

The day went very well, everyone seemed to enjoy it and most were successful.

The fishing methods involved fly casting, spinning and worm fishing, all tactics worked on the day and there were some fine fish caught.

There was even a fish cleaning demonstration which young Fraser was heavily involved!

It was really good to witness that after a season of fishing trips with help and encouragement, that most (and including parents) were now self sufficient in many forms of fishing and going out on a regular basis.

A very big thank you to Scott at Buccleuch Estate for helping and laying on the facility for everyone, also Roger from Borderlines, Debbie, Jim, Davey from the Nith Trust.