June 4th 2015.

Heathhall Primary School.

Today it was the turn of the Heathhall Primary School as part of the

“Fishing for the Future Project”

to join the Borderlines team for a fly fishing day and other activities at Drum Loch. Following introductions and a safety talk, the twenty six children from the Dumfries school split into two groups.

One group learned how to fly cast before fishing, the other group learned about the invertebrate life in the loch and how anglers can imitate the various species of food items eaten by trout with artificial flies. This was then followed with an introduction to the roll cast before taking part in an accuracy competition.

The weather was warm and dry, all twenty six youngsters had fun and there was some impressive casting witnessed!

We happened to meet also today one of the previous participants of these fly fishing day’s Borderlines have been running from a few years ago. He is now a micro biologist, his friend who also was a participant is doing the same. How cool is that?!